Pseudo Feminism

The layers of family , caste , tribes , linguistics , and so on serve as barriers to tackling gender inequality in India .

Objectifying and slut-shaminv women hasn’t been a new concept in our country . Woman have often been a victim either of physical and mental abuse , body shaming or rape , whether they are high school students , college graduates, business woman , housewifes or even toddlers. The cases emerged in recent times have me wondering ” How low is low “?

It was not long ago when #metoo was trending across the globe to give the girls and women a voice who were or have been a victime of voilence above . Although it gave them a voice , it also became a weapon of misuse . They started to take innocent lives by taking advantage of #metoo just like the girl who unknowingly took an innocent life of a 17 year old boy by claiming he sexually assaulted her .

Same happened when few days ago the “Bois Locker Room” and the one to one conversation happened between a male and a female who portrayed as a male by making a fake account on snapchat were falsely connected. Although the female did wrong by creating a fake ID , the tags like #NotAllMen , #BoysLockerRoomTruth , #FakeFeminism trended in support and against the whole incident .

As per above we know Feminism stands for those women who are or were too scared to tell their stories fearing victim-blaming . It gives voice to those people whose screams went defeaning yet unheard .

Women who misuse the power and authority given to them and say that is alright to do are Pseudo Feminist and thinking that woman should rule the society or shouldn’t be punished for what they did was wrong is Pseudo Feminism. Neither men or woman should be able to get away from their wrong doings , both are equally guilty .

Thus , people in social media posting stories or post about feminism or fake Feminism or justice and gender equality are following of Fake Feminism instead of learning what is it in the first place .

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